sudo pacman -S docker docker-compose

Add yourself to the docker group:

sudo gpasswd -a <USER> docker

WARNING: Every user you add to the docker group is root equivalent.
NOTE: It takes a reboot for this change to take effect.

Enable and start deamon

sudo systemctl enable --now docker.service docker.socket

Common commands

Build a container

docker build -t <docker_name> .
docker run -d -P <docker_name>

OPTIONAL - Name your own docker instance name:
sudo docker run -d --name <instance_name> -p 81:80 <docker_name>

Show Docker instances with names

docker ps

Open the bash shell

docker exec -it <instance_name> bash

Stop Docker instance

docker stop <instance_name>

Removing cruft

docker rm $(sudo docker ps -a)
docker rmi $(sudo docker images -q)