Below I will maintain an updated list of essential hardware for your Home Automation projects. The goal is to list inexpensive, open and quality hardware here.

The very basics

  • Raspberry Pi 4B [Available here]
  • Class A2 MircoSD Card [Available here]
    Believe me, you really want class A2 for this since we'll be generating A LOT of write cycles and if will fry your regular class SD Card within a few months leaving you in the dark (happened to me more than three times at a very bad time)
  • USB ZigBee Debugger (CC2531)
  • ZigBee based smart bulbs like Philips Hue or Ikea Tradfri

Sensors sensors sensors!

Xiaomi who is a very well known and big tech hardware company from China has a daughter brand called Aqara. After owning and working with many Aqara producs I can promise you these devices are incredible value for money. I will list some of the products I have first-hand experience with.

  • Aqara Human Body Sensor
  • Aqara Temperature and Humidity sensor